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Heal Your Heart With This Powerful Technique

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Days are turning into weeks, weeks into months, and, well, we’re still in lockdown. In many ways I appreciated the time when lockdown first began as it enabled me to stay in and enjoy home for a change, to slow down and take a break from my daily hustle and bustle (not to mention from Miami traffic).

Now we’re several months in and we don’t yet see a light at the end of the tunnel. I gotta admit, it kind of gets to me at times. Almost everyone I speak with lately, even my most spiritual friends, is feeling some level of pain, grief, stress and anxiety over these unusual circumstances that have, at the very least, disrupted our comfort zones.

Our bodies have this incredible built-in fight or flight system that triggers a burst of energy to help us respond to perceived dangers. The sympathetic nervous system, however, is not designed to activate repeatedly over prolonged periods of time, as that can, according to Harvard Health Publishing, take a toll on the body and the brain, contributing to high blood pressure. It actually causes changes to brain chemistry that can lead to anxiety, depression and addiction.

This is why now more than ever we must do everything in our power to reduce stress. This is something I work on and practice everyday. While, like anyone, I fall prey to stress too, there are two things that help me most through difficult times and those are: (1) self care and (2) self inquiry.

Self care means taking care of your mind, body and spirit through physical exercise, eating well, drinking plenty of water, meditation, prayer, journaling, taking mindful breaks in nature, consuming content that’s uplifting and inspirational and any other methods that improve your health and wellbeing.

Self inquiry is about cultivating an inner awareness and tapping into your true nature. Self inquiry requires us to go beyond our day-to-day habits to explore what motivates us, what challenges us, what scares us and what blocks us in order to reach our full potential.

I find it interesting that the entire planet has been threatened by a virus that affects the lungs which correlate to the heart chakra. This energy center of the heart deals with the life lessons of forgiveness, compassion and love. We can only reach our full potential when we learn to love ourselves and love each other, recognizing that we're all one in spirit.

This is a time to deal with the wounds we’ve carried for years, most likely even lifetimes. Transformational Coach Stephi Wagner said, “Pain travels through family lines until someone is ready to heal it in themselves. By going through the agony of healing you no longer pass the poison chalice onto the generations that follow. It’s incredibly important and sacred work.” This is the work that’s needed to end racism. This is the work that’s needed to end injustice and overcome evil. This is the work that’s needed to fully process whatever grief we carry inside, whether conscious or unconscious, and to live with true freedom and joy.

If you’re feeling pain and discomfort coming up during these challenging times, now’s your opportunity. You stand at a crossroads.

You can let it beat you down, tear you down and keep you down. Or you can acknowledge it, accept it, express it and let go of the suffering while turning your pain into fuel to make the most of your life (this is what my G.R.A.C.E. Method is all about in my Transforming Grief With Grace program).

When we lose our loved ones, for instance, we’re painfully reminded of how short life is. We’re reminded of our own death. So wouldn’t we want to make the most of the precious gift of life we’re given? Wouldn’t we want to use that time to love ourselves and each other, to feel good and happy, and to do what fulfills us?

If the stress and emotions of these times are getting to you, here’s an incredibly powerful technique to break through those heavy feelings that can weigh you down and to almost instantly let love flow into your life.

This is one of the many different tools that address the effects of grief on mind, body & spirit in my Transforming Grief With Grace program and, while I offer an extended version for my grief coaching clients, I felt this is too important not to share with you during the time we all need it most.

While this technique (the Sat Kartar kriya) might not make sense to your rational mind, it works on the energetic level of the heart and you will feel a difference, even after your first time doing it! Keep practicing it regularly for maximum benefit.

In the video below I break it down for you (a little background and its benefits), then you can practice along with me. 💜 Come back to this anytime. The more you practice, the more you release your inner blockages and allow love to flow into your life.

(The song is "Sat Kartar" by Maya Fiennes)

We could all use more love in our lives. Please share this with your loved ones!


If you'd like a guide and support to help you through this difficult time, schedule a complimentary "Get Unstuck" call with me (send me an email me here). We’ll have a chance to meet over the phone, perhaps over a cup of tea, and see if we’d like to walk together on this journey. You’re not alone in this; I'm right here with you.

With Love and Grace,

Michelle 💜

"I know for sure that love saves me and that it is here to save us all."

~ Maya Angelou

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