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If you've ever wondered how to find beauty and joy amidst your deepest sorrow or how to turn your pain into a blessing, this story is for you.  This is my journey of how I lost my mom who meant everything to me and how I got through my darkest days to see the light again.

You're not alone with your broken heart and you, too, can turn your deepest pain into your greatest gift.

Join me on the journey through grace now.


Living a life that’s free of suffering from worries, stress and pain is not as hard as you might think. Neither is it something that just a few lucky people are destined to enjoy. Actually, it all comes down to developing resilience – the ability to bounce back after life's storms. The key to developing resilience? Yoga and meditation.

In Volume 3, various yoga and meditation experts like Michelle Meier share their stories with you on how these life changing tools helped them get through absolutely anything in life and how these tools can help you too.