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What People Are Saying About Michelle:

"Michelle Meier not only has a brilliant mind, she is poised with a pure and gentle heart.  She has the courage to share her experience, light and love with the world in a way that connects and uplifts anyone in her presence.  She is compassionate, intelligent and well spoken.  Michelle is capable of engaging one's attention with a simple smile and always has words of encouragement for everyone who is fortunate enough to meet her.  She was born to help others tune into their personal best and has the natural ability to bring profound meaning into your life."

~ Christel Jules

Michelle is a delight to be with--her ready smile, her knowledge, her calming manner, her empathy and her confidence are all attributes that make her special.  While I was experiencing a difficult health issue in my life, Michelle was there to support me emotionally and physically in a way that helped me get through the hard time with her soothing way and upbeat attitude.  I couldn't have done it without her and for that I'm so grateful.

~ Ruth Kruger


I had the sincere pleasure of first meeting Michelle Meier when she was teaching a yoga class and I was immediately drawn in by her technique, warmness and loving spirit.  She had such a sensationally unique teaching style that was challenging yet soothing and nurturing--just what I needed.

After conversing with her and seeing firsthand her astuteness, dedication, honesty, love, compassion and inspiration, I can tell you Michelle is a JEWEL.  As a teacher, therapist, author and now friend, she's had a tremendously profound impact on me.

~ Kimberly Wilson

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