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Find Your Path from the Pain of Grief to Healing and Hope


Join Michelle for her next 3-day
“Transforming Grief With Grace” Retreat

(Date and location TBA)


Are you struggling and suffering because you’ve lost a loved one?


  • Maybe you feel all alone in your grief, and don’t know where to go or who to turn to for understanding and support…

  • Maybe you’ve been told how “brave” you’ve been and how “inspiring” your example is to others, but inside you’re still weeping…

  • Maybe you’ve tried to move on – self-help books, seminars, prayer, and more – but only feel paralyzed and can’t imagine how you’ll let go…


I know how dark life must seem right now.


After my mom died, my grief kept me trapped in the past and wishing I could be as happy and whole as I had been while she was alive. The idea of letting go of her scared me so much, even five years after her death, that I found myself secretly wishing I would die, too.


But I finally found a way to surrender my suffering without surrendering my memories of and my love for my mom. I found a way to reclaim inner peace…to renew my sense of purpose…and to face my future with confidence again.


And I developed a method to help other women, despairing of ever escaping the storm of grief, move forward as well.


Now I want to share that method and its life-renewing power with you at my next retreat.


Navigate Your Grief with G.R.A.C.E.

and Chart Your Course to a Happier, Healthier Life

At my retreat, I’ll guide you, step by step, through my G.R.A.C.E. Method, which will help you...


G = Grieve your loss, fully and truthfully, acknowledging the pain it causes, without apology or shame.

R = Release your continuing suffering so you begin to rediscover the inner peace you’ve been seeking.

A = Allow yourself to open to new life beyond your current suffering and new possibilities for your relationships to others and yourself.

C = Create a clearer vision for your life and a deeper commitment to pursuing it in realistic and achievable ways.

E = Embody the self-compassion and new energy you’ve gained at the retreat in your ongoing journey. 


We’ll explore each stage in my method through practical techniques, all proven to reduce anxiety and increase mindfulness and positive energy, including:


  • Yoga

  • Dance and physical movement

  • Breathing exercises

  • Guided meditations

  • Guided journaling


Rest assured, you won’t be doing any of this alone. You’ll be surrounded by a warm and welcoming sisterhood who want to find the same new beginnings you’re looking for.








Together, we’ll share our stories, honor each other’s grief, and explore constructive ways to emerge from the suffering we’ve felt submerged in for too long.


And you can apply the G.R.A.C.E. Method to any of life’s challenges, long after the retreat is over.


Whenever tough moments arise, you’ll be able to draw on the strength, courage, and peace of mind you found at the retreat in order to live out the new vision you’ve forged for your future.


Is All This Possible? Can I Really Move Past My Grief?


The only way to move past grief is to move through grief, and you already know that full and complete healing takes time.


But can you take your first true steps beyond your suffering at the retreat? Absolutely.


Sadness and heartache are inevitable parts of grief. Continued suffering is not. 


Take your first step toward new peace, purpose, and possibility. Join me at my next retreat.

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