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Flow Into Grace is for women living with grief, heartbreak and personal setbacks who are not only seeking comfort and support but who are seeking real, actionable tools they can use to navigate from heartbreak to happiness.


Imagine that, in spite of everything you've been through, you wake up everyday with joy and purpose.

Now imagine that, because of everything you've been through, you wake up everyday with joy and purpose.


What would it look like to see the blessing in every setback?

What would it be like to have the tools to get through anything?

What would it feel like to know that you're loved and supported?

Imagine you—beautiful you who you are—stronger, wiser, more resilient and at peace knowing that, yes, you’ve got this.


Because, guess what? You do!


It may not feel like it right now. And you may wonder how you'll ever get through life's most difficult trials.


After losing my mom to cancer, there were more times than I'd like to count when I didn't know how I'd get through the pain of loss that weighed heavy in my heart, let alone how I'd get through life without her in it.

Not only did I make it out on the other side, I also learned to turn my biggest heartbreak into my greatest gift—sharing the tools I've learned with people just like you to uncover peace, purpose and healing and ultimately turn trial to triumph.

Have you had a difficult personal setback?

Have you lost something or someone near and dear to you?

Do you feel alone, like no one understands how you feel?

Would you like to have the tools to move your life out of the pain and into joy?


Welcome​ home. Flow Into Grace is for YOU. This is your sanctuary to remind you that you're not alone. You've come to the right place to validate your feelings.  


Regardless of your personal challenges, you can flow back into life with grace, joy and renewed purpose.


Make yourself at home here.  To help you find your way around:

You can browse the Blog/Inspiration page for tips, resources and stories that get real with you about tough times and warm your heart with hope to help you through yours.

For additional support, whether 1-on-1 or through group coaching, check out the CoachingRetreats and Books pages for "Transforming Grief With Grace" programs, retreats and Michelle's latest books.

Coaching is available online & via phone.

Meet Michelle, the Founder of Flow Into Grace, and read her story about how she turned grief into a gift using her life-changing G.R.A.C.E. method on the About page.

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